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[Java基础] 179-Functional Programming in Java 英文PDF扫描版 电子书 下载 【飞网论坛】









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179-Functional Programming in Java 英文PDF扫描版 电子书 下载 【飞网论坛】

179-Functional Programming in Java 英文PDF扫描版 电子书 下载 【飞网论坛】

179-Functional Programming in Java 英文PDF扫描版 电子书 下载 【飞网论坛】


Venkat Subramaniam would never be described as a “waterfall” sort of guy.
So, when he mentioned that he was starting on a Java 8 book—long before
the design of Java 8 was settled—I was not at all surprised. It was clear this
was going to be an “agile” book project.
Despite having to more than occasionally rework the text as the language
and library features evolved, Venkat had a secret advantage—he knew where
we were going. The Java 8 design was heavily influenced by the core principles
of functional programming: functions as values, immutability, and statelessness. We didn’t do this because functional programming is trendy or cool; we
did this because programs that are expressed as stateless transformations
on immutable data, rather than as modification of mutable data structures,
tend to be easier to read and maintain and less error-prone, and to parallelize
more gracefully.
The new features introduced in Java 8 were designed together to facilitate
development of more expressive and parallel-friendly libraries. Lambda
expressions reduce the syntactic overhead of encoding behavior as data;
default methods allow existing libraries to evolve over time, enabling core JDK
classes such as Collections to take advantage of lambda expressions; the
java.util.stream package leverages these language features to offer rich
aggregate operations on collections, arrays, and other data sources in a
declarative, expressive, and parallel-friendly manner. All of this adds up to
more powerful and performant code, as well as a more pleasant programming
This book provides not only lots of examples of how to use these new features,
but offers readers a peek into the underlying principles behind their design,
and why they result in better code. Let Venkat be your guide to this new and
improved Java—you’re in for a treat.  



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